Movement & Gait Analysis

Combine video analysis with expert physiotherapy to perfect your performance.  Analyse your movement during running, cycling, walking, and swimming.

Regardless of your sport or level of fitness:

  • Correct your technique
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Increase your speed
  • Reduce your pain

Monitor your progress. Pause and slow down ‘real time’ activities to see the problem. Receive computerised video analysis of your movement.

A detailed gait assessment either running or walking, by use of video techniques and specialised computer software, is used to analyse how patients move. This is commonly used in the prevention, examination, treatment and monitoring of an injury.

An abnormal gait may reflect an underlying problem or may itself cause injury by putting unnecessary strain on joints or muscles. The analysis will help the physiotherapist give advice on gait modification and devise a specialised strengthening and stretching programme for an individual. Analysis is just one of the many approaches used within our clinic and is rarely used as a stand-alone approach.

A full and thorough clinical assessment is made at the start of treatment which allows the physiotherapist to use a combined approach in the management of inflammation, pain, to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation.

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