ESP Triage Service

8An Extended Scope Physiotherapist (ESP) is a clinical physiotherapy specialist with an extended scope of practice. This implies working beyond the recognised scope of physiotherapy practice, for example requesting investigations e.g. US scans/nerve conduction studies, using the results of investigations to assist clinical diagnosis and appropriate management of patients; listing for surgery and referring to other professionals.

Our ESPs have at least 5 years experience in working in musculoskeletal clinics and have specialised in musculoskeletal conditions by undergoing extra training. They hold post graduate qualifications, e.g. MSc, Society of Orthopaedic Medicine (SOM) membership or equivalent, and most have a Diploma in Injection Therapy.

At Atlas Physiotherapy we have been work closley with GPs, surgeons, podiatrists and other specialists, providing an ESP Diagnostic Triage service which forms the basis for decisions about referrals, investigations and further management. Criteria for referral to musculoskeletal ESP Clinics can include:

  • Patients with complex musculoskeletal conditions unlikely to require surgery or consultants advice.
  • Diagnosis and advice when the referrer is uncertain whether a consultant referral is required e.g. patients previously unresponsive to outpatient physiotherapy for the same condition.
  • Patients who may benefit from corticosteroid injection therapy for peripheral conditions.